Who Decides What Deserves to Be a BBC Breaking News Alert?

Someone must have thought I needed another push notification about Meghan Markle's dad.


Today's Teenagers Are Smoking and Drinking Less Than Their Parents Did

Teenagers are smoking far less and drinking alcohol at almost half the rate as they were in 2002.


Another Wave of Bomb Threats Just Hit Jewish Institutions Across America

At least 16 institutions reported receiving calls on Monday, marking the fifth burst of anti-Semitic threats this year.


Homeland Security Might Start Asking US Visitors for Their Social Media Passwords

Homeland Security secretary John Kelly reportedly floated the idea to Congress Tuesday, suggesting foreign travelers disclose their login information or be denied entry.


Kellyanne Conway Defended Trump's Travel Ban by Citing a Made-Up Massacre

Conway told MSNBC that the media didn't cover the "Bowling Green massacre"—which is true, because it didn't happen.


Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Has Been Sentenced to Death

Roof showed no emotion as the judge read out the decision.


Trump Will Reportedly Tap Son-in-Law Jared Kushner for Senior Advisor

The move brings up questions about an anti-nepotism law and potential conflicts of interest.


Charles Manson Is in the Hospital and 'Seriously Ill'

The 82-year-old has been removed from his California prison and hospitalised.


Rob Zombie Hates Christmas

We talked to the musician and director about his film '31', creepy clowns, and what his Christmas movie would be like.


Life, Salmon, and the Future for the 'Namgis First Nation

The indigenous Canadian community, which has long relied on fishing, sees farmed salmon as an existential threat.


Why Does Will Smith Keep Making Sad Movies?

Collateral Beauty is the latest in a string of depressing films starring the Hollywood megastar.


We're Here, We're Queer, We're Ghosts

The surprisingly serious search for queer ghosts.