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Travis Scott and Big Boi Will Join Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl

Scott and the NFL will donate $500,000 to Van Jones's Dream Corps, but the rapper's decision to perform has drawn criticism from public figures who insist that artists should boycott the league.
Alex Robert Ross
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Louisiana Mayor Who Banned Nike: JK, LOL

It only took Kenner mayor Ben Zahn a week to rescind his memo after facing protests from locals and pressure from the ACLU.
Drew Schwartz

From ‘25th Hour’ to ‘BlacKkKlansman’: The Man Behind Spike Lee's Music

Troubled by racism, the NFL and police brutality, Terence Blanchard plays on.
Noel Ransome
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The Only Good Timeline Involves Diddy Buying the Carolina Panthers

The rapper and mogul seems serious about bidding for the NFL franchise. Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry could be on board too. This is excellent.
Alex Robert Ross
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God Is Real and Lil Wayne Has Performed the 'Friends' Theme Tune

Weezy F Baby and the F is for popular television series "Friends"!
Noisey Staff
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Listen to Lupe Fiasco’s Tribute to Colin Kaepernick, “Kneelin’ on Needles”

His first track since 'DROGAS Light' also gives a shout out to Chance the Rapper.
Alex Robert Ross
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Four NFL Players were Allegedly Turned Away from a London Club for Being "Too Urban"

The athletes were allegedly turned away from Cirque Le Soir​ even though they had reservations.
Alexander Iadarola

Why Yes, This Taiwanese Super Bowl Animation Certainly Does Feature Trump as a Cheerleader

The best part of the piece is the phrase, "The Patriots have been here before, which is probably why everyone and their mother want them to lose." There is profound truth in art.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Tracing ​American Football's Rugby Roots

If there is one thing that American football and rugby fans both hate, it's when comparisons are drawn between the two sports. Nevertheless, these games are cut from the same cloth and still hold many similarities in the 21st century.
Ben Halls
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The Cult: OJ Simpson

The Cult returns for 2017 with a man who once ranked among America's most popular sportsmen, but went on to become a full-blown national scandal.
Toby Sprigings

Is American Football Less Moral Than MMA?

A look at the moral dimensions of competitive savagery.
Jeff Harder
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A Different Kind of Pitch: Hitting the Studio With NFL Ace Nathan Palmer

VICE Sports recently trained with former Chicago Bears and Oakland Raiders wide receiver Nathan Palmer, before gaining an insight into a hobby that has seen him share a stage with Trey Songz and Drake.
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