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Don't Call It Road Rap: A Year Exploring the Hidden World of Hard UK Rap

Watch Noisey's full-length doc about where London's gangsta rap scene stands, hosted by Mike Skinner.


You Really Should Watch the Trailer for Our Film 'Don't Call It Road Rap'

Hosted by Mike Skinner, our latest doc looks to investigate what the genre "road rap" even entails in 2017.


Anarchy and Peace with Penny Rimbaud of Crass

In this Noisey film 'Get Out of Your Own Way,' we join the anarcho-punk artist in the English countryside to talk life, zen, and World War I poet Wilfred Owen.


Inside 20 Years of Joan of Arc: Watch 'Your War (I'm One of You)'

Including unseen archival and unfettered access, this Noisey doc dives into singer Tim Kinsella's fractious childhood, the band's origins, and the highs and lows experienced in pursuit of their art.


God’s Country: A Trip to America's Biggest Christian Music Festival

A documentary film from Noisey called 'I Saw the Light.' Watch it now.


Welcome to the Zoo: On the Road with Fetty Wap

In February 2016, Noisey joined Fetty Wap's Zoo Gang tour in three cities across the midwest. This is that story.