Remembering The Surreal Debacle That Was Edgar Davids’ Time at Barnet

In 2012, Edgar Davids made the curious decision to manage Barnet. Two years later, his surreal, frustrating and ill-fated reign had come to a close, even if many of us wanted more.


Hereford FC Granted Permission to Take a Bull Named 'Hawkesbury Ronaldo' to Wembley

Hereford are preparing to face Morpeth Town in the FA Vase final, and have decided to defeat their opponents using only the power of surrealism.


The Far-Right Attacked Some Non-League Football Fans in London Last Night

They chucked bottles and bricks while chanting "we hate n*****s".


Meet the Little English Football Team Looking for American Owners

In the English Premier League, fans rally against foreign ownership. Lewes FC, a tiny, community-owned club in England's south east, will take as many foreign owners as it can get.


Searching for English Football's Soul with Non-League Fanatics

Turns out English football's soul was hiding in Aldershot on a wet Tuesday night.