This Is the Guinness and Meat Tour of London

Fresh from nose-to-tail eating palace St. John, Lee Tiernan took us on a boozy and carnivorous ‘Chef’s Night Out.’
Munchies Staff

The Welsh Were the Original Nose-to-Tail Eaters

The Welsh have been eating from a nose-to-tail standpoint since year dot. Finances dictated that they had to, it was as simple as that. One beast had to last you most of the week.
Jonathan Woolway

Nose to Tail and Head to Balls: Eating Every Part of the Animal at a Brazilian Meat Feast

“When an animal kills another one to feed himself, he doesn’t have preferences," says Ariel Argomaniz, one of several chefs who recently gathered to cook an over-the-top nose-to-tail feast in São Paulo.
Rafael Tonon

Fergus Henderson and Three Veteran St. John Chefs Cooked the Ultimate Nose-to-Tail Dinner

Tim Siadatan, Jon Rotheram, and Robbin Holmgren all started out at St. John, Henderson’s legendary London restaurant group. But when preparing a special dinner together on the hottest day of the year, would too many cooks spoil the broth?
Daisy Meager
St. John

MUNCHIES Presents: Margot Henderson

In this short film about the life and work of one of London's most influential chefs, MUNCHIES follows Margot Henderson from her hidden restaurant—the Rochelle Canteen—to the Soho restaurants that helped make her career.
Margot Henderson

Chef Fergus Henderson Made Positivity Cool in the Kitchen

Legendary chef Fergus Henderson didn't only change the landscape of food with St. John. He also inspired a whole new kitchen attitude—one of calmness, respect, and positivity, you shithead.
Josh Barrie

The Deer Stalking Controversy Raises Important Questions for Meat Eaters

Deer stalking is, and always has been, a controversial subject. Killing for the sake of killing is one thing, but for those who eat meat, the hands-on nature of hunting raises some important questions.
Gareth May