Novak Djokovic


In Tennis, Hip Injuries Are the New Wrist Injuries Are the New Elbow Injuries

Is the punishing power baseline style that has defined men's tennis for over a decade catching up with players?
Van Sias
Roland Garros

Thiem vs. Nadal and the Changing of the Tennis Guard

As of Wednesday, 23-year-old Dominic Thiem has beaten every member of tennis’s Big Four.
Nick Pachelli

This Is Why Millennials Are All Turning Vegan

According to new figures from the Vegan Society, the number of vegans in the UK has risen 350 percent over the past ten years, with 42 percent aged between 15 and 34. But what's driving the tofu trend?
Daisy Meager
extreme discomfort for the sake of tennis

The VICE Guide To Camping At Wimbledon

If you want to get ahead at Wimbledon, the trick is to camp out for tickets. Here, we explore the culture of tennis camping, and hand out some crucial tips for survival and success.
Will Magee
mould breaker

The Cult: Andy Murray

Andy Murray has carried the weight of British expectation for more than a decade without ever really capturing the people's hearts. But he doesn't seems to care – and that makes him prime Cult material.
David Whelan
weird sports

Indoor Skydiving Is Real, Painful, And Definitely a Sport

Indoor Skydiving, or "Body Flight" to aficionados, is intense, difficult, humbling, expensive, and weird. But is it a sport? Spoiler: hell yeah it's a sport.
John Wilmes
Sorry Not Sorry

​Novak Djokovic Teaches a Vital Life Lesson in the Art of the Non-Apology

Have you ever had to apologise, even when you didn't really feel like it? Yeah, that's now known as "doing a Djokovic"
Will Magee
embrace the evil

Novak Djokovic, I Can Make You Loved

It's not your fault you're by far the best player on the planet right now, Novak, nor that people can't beat you – but it doesn't help us love you.
David Whelan

Stan Wawrinka, the Biggest Threat to Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open

It's about time Stan the Man gets some credit, for more than his wardrobe. The world's No. 4 ranked player is ready for a star turn at the Australian Open.
Danielle Elliot

​We Asked an Expert Why It's So Easy to Fix Tennis

Well, Obviously You Only Need to Bribe One Person
Maddison Connaughton

Roger Federer Fan Who Woke from 11-Year Coma Shocked Fed Is Still Good

A Federer fan who was in a coma for 11 years can't believe how the tennis star's career turned out.
Sean Newell
Novak Djokovic

Stoner Tennis Fans of Montreal: Novak Djokovic Can Smell You Getting High

Novak Djokovic can smell you stoney Montreal tennis fans puffing on your marijuana cigarettes.
Sean Newell