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Even 'Limited' Nuclear War Could Cause 90 Million Casualties in a Few Hours

Princeton University researchers use the Pentagon’s own plans to debunk the idea that nuclear war could ever be small and tactical.


Wildfires Are Now So Bad That Scientists Are Using Them to Study Nuclear War

A smoke plume from the 2017 wildfires in the Pacific Northwest mirrored simulations of nuclear winter, and showed that the aftermath of a nuke war may be worse than anticipated.


The Pentagon Revealed Its Nuclear War Strategy and It's Terrifying

"The United States has always sought to use its nuclear weapons for more than deterrence despite protestations to the contrary."


What Does a Nuclear Explosion Feel Like?

On the International Day Against Nuclear Tests, VICE's new film speaks to British atomic veterans to find out what it's like to experience an atomic bomb explosion up close.


A North Korean Refugee on His Escape From "the Best Country in the World"

Escaping North Korea cost him five years of his life. Jun Heo now wants to tell the whole world his story.


How to Build a Fallout Shelter Using Nothing but IKEA Furniture

"Obviously, real wood would be better. But that's better than nothing," an expert in disaster preparedness told me.


The British Dream: Bunker Mentality

On our politics podcast we interview a guy whose nuclear bunker business is booming.


An Expert Told Us How Trump Is Screwing Up the North Korea Situation

By refusing to negotiate and firing off angry tweets at both the regime and allies like South Korea, the 45th president seems to be flirting with disaster.


How Howard Hughes Helped the CIA Try to Steal a Russian Nuclear Sub

The expensive attempt was largely a mechanical failure, but it was still one of the stranger covert ops in US history.


We Spoke to North Koreans About the Nuclear Threat

Much has been made of how Donald Trump's "fire and fury" would affect the rest of the world – but what of the ordinary North Koreans living under Kim Jong-un?


What Do the Tories Do Now?

In this week's British Dream podcast we try to work out if the Conservative Party, and humanity itself, has any future.


HELL's Apocalyptic Doom Will Outlive Us All

Stream the Salem, OR drone/sludge entity's new album, 'HELL' and get ready to watch the world burn.