climate change

Saving the Arctic's 'Last Ice Area' Is a Race Against Time

Canada has moved to protect the region, where Arctic wildlife is expected to make its last stand against climate change. Scientists say it's not enough.
Becky Ferreira

I Am Banned from Visiting All Nunavut Prisons After Reporting on Alleged Abuses

I've been collecting first-hand accounts from one of Canada’s most violent, dilapidated, and overcrowded northern jails for four years.
Thomas Rohner
seal meat

Eating Seal Meat Is a Vital Part of Life in My Community

Many people opposed to seal hunting don't understand that kids in indigenous communities are hungry, and it's painful to see that. It's ridiculous that other cultures are welcome to survive off of our natural resources, but we're not.
Tanya Tagaq
The Prison Issue

Inside Canada's Arctic Prison

Yellowknife photographer Pat Kane had the rare opportunity to visit the North Slave Correctional Centre in the Northwest Territories. Here's what he saw.
Patrick Kane

This Nunavut Photographer Takes Stunning Photographs of Arctic Life

Clyde River is in the middle of a legal battle over seismic testing in Baffin Bay. These photos will help you understand why it's such a big deal.
Niore Iqualukjuak and Ashley Renders

Prohibition in Northern Canada

Alcohol is strictly regulated and widely prohibited in Canada's youngest territory, Nunavut. We went there to explore the issue of prohibition and whether it's helping or hurting the territory's social crises.
VICE Staff

A 'Dumpcano' in the Canadian Arctic Has Been Burning for Eight Weeks

It’s one of the worst examples of landfill operations in the Americas right now.
Peter Worden

Indigenous Canadian Girls Are Being Sacrificed to the Sex Trade

They're being forced into sex work by their own families.
Martha Troian