sex and relationships

Why We Love People Who Don't Love Us Back

In 2007, a boy came on my tights at a house party and then abruptly stopped talking to me – and I've been obsessed with him ever since.
Kitty Drake

I Was a Teenage Heartthrob

Ben Adams from A1 remembers what it was like to be on every British girl's bedroom wall, and how lonely life can be when you're a famous teenager.
Ben Adams
New Orleans

​New Orleans' Electronic Music Scene is Decadent and Depraved

I went on a three-day bender spanning warehouse raves to EDM clubs in search of NOLA's oft-overlooked dance music scene.
Michelle Lhooq

Let's Consider: Obsession

What is "obsession"? Here's a short film to help you understand.
Johnny White
The Whyte Tyger Izzue

Weather and Sleep

Those of you old enough to remember the 80s know that it was the decade in which everyone suddenly realized they were bisexual. In the 90s, we diagnosed ourselves as bipolar and prescribed ourselves cocaine. Then in the 2000s, we all suffered the mass...
Illustrations by Jim Krewson
Vice Blog

Dear Diary

Just got back from Fugazi. Saw Cliff. Saw John. Saw Tyler. Talked to Bobby a lot. Saw Antonio. Antonio… his name just rolls off my tongue like Italian ices in 90-degree heat.
Lesley Arfin
The Obsessions Issue

Black and White Rappers

Don't you find it strange that Eminem's been walking around with a doo rag for over five years now and no one's said anything? Well actually, over a year ago, Ray Benzino, owner of The Source, released two freestyles dissing Eminem.
Blaque Pak

Shut Up You Fucking Baby

Why should you care that Harmony Korine did a documentary about another one of David Blaine's look-at-me stunts? So what if a megalomaniac magician locked himself in a tiny glass box for 44 days and called it performance art?
The Obsessions Issue

Muscle Mania

Bodybuilding isn't about health or fitness. Bodybuilding is about what you look like, not your well-being or happiness. It's really hard on your kidneys from all the protein you have to eat.
Jeff Simmermon
The Obsessions Issue

No War for Heavy Metal!

Most people in Baghdad don't leave their houses at night. They don't rent movies. They don't go to bars. Mostly, they sit huddled in dingy shacks and wait and watch and hope that the occupying army will lift its curfew.
Andy Moore

Can't Stop

"If it weren't for us Aspies, all you NTs would still be in caves." Aspies are people with Asperger's Syndrome, a mental disorder that allows its victims to concentrate on one thing, exclusively, forever and ever, hence important technological...
Bobby Richards