sex and relationships

Why We Love People Who Don't Love Us Back

In 2007, a boy came on my tights at a house party and then abruptly stopped talking to me – and I've been obsessed with him ever since.
Kitty Drake
Fandom Week

Eminem’s “Stan” Gave a Face and Name to Fandom

The song plunges its hands into the messy dynamic between artists and their admirers, teaching us about ourselves along the way.
Emma Garland

Meet the Coca-Cola-Obsessed Woman Who Made Her House Into a Soda Shrine

Maybe you "like" fizzy drinks, but you ain't seen nothing until you've visited Pat Reidy's over-the-top domain of Coca-Cola worship in Veracruz, Mexico. This is obsession.
Bruno Villar

Fatal Attraction: Has Instagram Brought Us Too Close to Our Idols?

Pop stars are now opting to disable comments and privatize their accounts — if we can't control our fandom, should we lose our privileges?
Issy Beech

I Was a Teenage Heartthrob

Ben Adams from A1 remembers what it was like to be on every British girl's bedroom wall, and how lonely life can be when you're a famous teenager.
Ben Adams
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

JME Gave a Rare Interview... to the Official Pokémon Channel About How Good Pokémon Is

Gather, children, and listen to story of how JME went from no shiny charizards to lots of shiny charizards.
Noisey Staff

From Broken Roofs to Broken Marriages: Meeting the UK’s Most Obsessive Vinyl Hoarders

Welcome to a world where people make huge sacrifices just to feed their engrossing love for music.
Oobah Butler
New Orleans

​New Orleans' Electronic Music Scene is Decadent and Depraved

I went on a three-day bender spanning warehouse raves to EDM clubs in search of NOLA's oft-overlooked dance music scene.
Michelle Lhooq
football manager is a drug

Inside the Cult of 'Football Manager'

Football Manager: harmless computer game or life-consuming addiction?
Greg Johnson

Let's Consider: Obsession

What is "obsession"? Here's a short film to help you understand.
Johnny White
The Whyte Tyger Izzue

Weather and Sleep

Those of you old enough to remember the 80s know that it was the decade in which everyone suddenly realized they were bisexual. In the 90s, we diagnosed ourselves as bipolar and prescribed ourselves cocaine. Then in the 2000s, we all suffered the mass...
Illustrations by Jim Krewson
Vice Blog

Dear Diary

Just got back from Fugazi. Saw Cliff. Saw John. Saw Tyler. Talked to Bobby a lot. Saw Antonio. Antonio… his name just rolls off my tongue like Italian ices in 90-degree heat.
Lesley Arfin