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Check Out A Beautiful 360 Degree Virtual Reality Fractal Universe

Animator Julius Horsthuis builds 3D fractal landscapes in virtual reality.


‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ Is My Favourite Multiplayer VR Experience So Far

I'm no Trekkie, but working as part of a team of real people to defeat a virtual reality Klingon menace was a true delight.


Listen to the New VICE Gaming Podcast: Patrick and Austin Talk Trump and VR

Join Austin Walker and Patrick Klepek twice a week to break down the latest week in games.


Four Worlds Emerge at DiMoDa, the Virtual Museum

Miyö Van Stenis, Theo Trian, Brenna Murphy, and Rosa Menkman will display their digital art works in the second edition of the digital museum.


The Old-School Arcade Classic ‘Battlezone’ Is Now an Awesome Virtual Reality Game

UK studio Rebellion has turned a VR progenitor into a contemporary experience that convincingly sells this new world of gaming.


E3 2016 Marked the Moment That Virtual Reality Gaming Finally Made Sense

I didn't come to LA expecting to travel home desperately wanting a headset to call my own, but then Arkham VR and Resi 7 happened, and here we are.


This Virtual Reality Horror Film Will Make You Scream

Get covered in blood—CGI and the good old-fashioned kind—in ‘Killer Deal.'


We Tried the Wearable Tech That is Augmented Reality for Your Ears

We have the scoop on the earbuds that allow you to control every sound you hear.


VR Takes Center Stage at Tribeca Film Festival 2016

From dancing to being sprayed with virtual blood, VR films give potential to personalized experiences.


Glitch Video Game Nightmares Can Be Beautiful [Music Video]

Sam Rolfes' video for Amnesia Scanner's "AS Chingy" makes no sense, but it's awesome.


​The First Virtual Reality Feature Film Invites You to Join the Mafia

Mockumentary 'Career Opportunities in Organized Crime' follows the filming of a recruitment video for Baltimore's local Russian mafia. You, too, can join the mob.