Cooking Beef Tongue Isn’t as Intimidating as You Might Think

Chef Ed Szymanski of Cherry Point taught us how to make an easy grilled tongue salad that's a straightforward gateway to offal.
Munchies Staff

If You Drink Milk, You Should Probably Also Eat Calf Brains

More than 118,000 male calves were killed on British dairy farms in 2015. London chef Harry Harris thinks we should be using their brains.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

Australian Restaurant Garnishes Its Margaritas with Cow Eyeballs

The bull’s eyeball atop the ink-coloured cocktail is purely a garnish and is not meant to be chewed, swallowed, or even licked.
Jelisa Castrodale

How to Make Brains on Toast

London chefs Merlin Labron-Johnson and Stuart Andrew of bistro-style restaurant Clipstone, demonstrate the “je ne sais quoi” of cooking offal.
Daisy Meager

Inside the Most Duck-Obsessed City in China

If you're looking for duck, the Chinese city of Nanjing has it all: duck gizzard, roasted duck, cured duck, duck blood, and even salted duck.
Clarissa Wei
Chinese food

Chengdu Is Obsessed with Sucking Brains Out of Rabbit Skulls

The owner of a popular eatery specialising in spicy rabbit heads admits that eating bunny brains might not be for everyone, but the residents of Chengdu can't get enough.
Jamie Fullerton

One Night a Week, This London Thai Restaurant Only Serves Offal

Smoking Goat’s weekly “Offal Monday” menu saves underused cuts of meat from the bin by turning them into delicious curry.
Daisy Meager
Valentine's Day

Why You Should Cook with Hearts This Valentine’s Day

The team behind London Indian restaurant Gunpowder showed me how to prepare chicken, duck, and ox heart for the ultimate romantic dinner.
Daisy Meager
hot pot

Why You Should Be Eating Hot Pot on Christmas Day

For many of Britain’s Asian families, hot pot is an unofficial Christmas tradition: a middle finger to winter’s sub-zero temperatures and soggy Brussels sprouts.
Angela Hui

Nose to Tail and Head to Balls: Eating Every Part of the Animal at a Brazilian Meat Feast

“When an animal kills another one to feed himself, he doesn’t have preferences," says Ariel Argomaniz, one of several chefs who recently gathered to cook an over-the-top nose-to-tail feast in São Paulo.
Rafael Tonon

Cow Uterus Sandwiches: The Next Big Thing in Copenhagen?

Dishes at Restaurant Bror include fried bull’s penis, fish’s heads, and breaded testicles. The latest kitchen experiment on Instagram? Cow’s uterus.
Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen

Turkey's Signature Street Delight Is Made with Singing Knives

Kokoreç is made by wrapping lamb intestines around offal such as heart, sweetbread, and lungs, seasoned and roasted slowly over coals. The sound of the knives chopping it also makes the soundtrack of our streets.
Didem Tali