Olympic Games


McDonald’s Has Ended Its 41-Year Sponsorship of the Olympics

After the Winter Olympics in South Korea next year, the Golden Arches will no longer feed spectators and athletes at the Games.


Budapest 2024 Bid All But Dead After Anti-Olympics Petition Gets 226,000 Signatures

NOlimpia's campaign argued that the billions of dollars pledged in the bid for the Olympics ought to go to other needs such as healthcare, education, rural infrastructure, housing, and poverty.


Budapest's Bid to Host the Olympics Is Uniting the Rest of Hungary Against the Games

Budapest, one of three finalists to host the 2024 Summer Games, may be about to take themselves out of the running.


A Brief History of the Number 13 in Sport

A fear of the number 13 is not uncommon in sport, yet there are some bold individuals who have actively embraced the number, carrying it into battle like a badge of honour. Here, we meet the brave souls who have stuck two fingers up at fate.


Could Unifying the Olympics and Paralympics Reignite Interest in Hosting the Games?

Something needs to change if more cities are to consider bidding to host the Olympics. Could consolidating them into a truly unified Games with the Paralympics be the answer?


Remembering How Anthony Joshua Fought His Way From Troubled Talent to Olympic Gold

From the grand platform of London 2012, Anthony Joshua launched himself to stardom. Things could have gone very differently, however, with controversy nearly ending his career.


Muay Thai Is Granted Provisional Recognition as an Olympic Sport

The ultraviolent cornerstone of MMA inches toward international legitimacy, it seems.


From North Wales To Rio: Talking Taekwondo With Olympian Jade Jones

Having become the UK’s first taekwondo gold medallist at London 2012 before winning once again at Rio, we chat to Jade Jones about her groundbreaking role in British martial arts.


A Shining Ring Rises Over the Brazilian Rainforest

Acclaimed Japanese artist Mariko Mori has installed an enormous illuminated ring in Brazil to coincide with Rio’s 2016 Summer Olympics.


Pedro from Barcelona Owns 500 Olympic Mascots

What's the point of spending millions to push poor people out of their homes, if you can't make some of that cash back by selling plush toys, pins and T-shirts.


Rio Police Tear Gas and Pepper Spray Protesters on Olympic Torch Route

In the latest public setback for the Rio Olympics, police have been filmed forcibly clearing a poor suburb of Duque de Caxias in preparation for the Olympic torch’s passing.


Giant Olympic Athlete Sculptures Soar Over Rio

Street artist JR immortalizes those not competing in this year's Olympic Games.