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I Went Riding with the Reaper Lords, Grand Theft Auto’s Biggest Motorcycle Club

And on the way I learned some lessons in respect, humility and brotherhood. Because for these players, this is more than just a game.
Matt Porter

It’s Not You, ‘Dota’, It’s Me: Why I’ve Finally Quit My MOBA Habit

We had our good times, Troll Warlords and all, but you were turning me into a toxic monster.
Jake Tucker

Why We’re Still Addicted To ‘Rocket League’, One Year Later

Psyonix's muscle-cars-and-massive-balls game has been a mainstay of our evenings since it came out, and we're not about to break the habit any time soon.
Mike Diver, David Whelan and Joel Golby

From Gears of War to Ganking the Enemy: How Epic is Taking on MOBAs with ‘Paragon’

The stateside studio is moving away from triple-A story shooters for a crack at the market dominated by League of Legends and DOTA 2.
Ewen Hosie

Celebrate Your Support Character: Thanking the Unheralded Heroes of ‘Overwatch’

Here's to the people playing as Mercy, as Zenyatta, as Lúcio: we see you, and we love you, even if "Play of the Game" doesn't.
Emma Quinlan

How Blizzard Weaponised Hype for the Launch of ‘Overwatch’

'Overwatch' is the most-hyped game of 2016 so far, with seven million playing right now, and its makers really did leave nothing to chance.
Ian Stokes

Talking About the One-Way Bloodbath That Was ‘Overwatch’ Vs. ‘Battleborn’

Talk about an unfair fight. One might have been for every kind of badass, but it was comprehensively rolled over by its rival.
Sean Cleaver and Mike Diver

Speaking to the Power Players Behind the Massive War Consuming 'EVE Online'

Miscommunication and propaganda are confusing a massive online conflict right now, so we spoke to the people commanding both sides of EVE Online's 'World War Bee'.
Nick Cowen

Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’ Might Be the Multiplayer Shooter Success of 2016, and Beyond

Blizzard isn't a company to do things by halves, and while they're only just launching their latest IP, they're planning for it being around a while.
Luke Winkie
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Alderaan Moves: The VICE Gaming Verdict On ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’

'Battlefront' isn't brilliant, but if you're a passionate Star Wars fan, you're probably not going to care.
Matt Lees
VICE vs Video games

What Video Games Can Learn About Sex From the Online Dating of ‘Cibele’

Video games usually do sex really badly, but 'Cibele' has a singular approach to love that's both intimate and educational.
Suriel Vazquez
VICE vs Video games

‘Inner Vision’ Is the Game That Made Me Tell You It's OK to Talk About Depression

Video games are not a substitute for seeking professional help, but ones like this can help with taking that first step.
Joe Donnelly