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My Toxic 'World of Warcraft' Relationship Made Me Who I Am Today

The game gave me so much in the way of experiences, interpersonal skills, and self confidence that I couldn't put it down.
Zac Thompson

‘Jedi Academy’ Was the Game That Helped Me Come Out of the Closet

Telling a bunch of random internet nerds seemed the least perilous course of action, and with a handful of keystrokes, I was out.
Justin Mahboubian-Jones

Being a Professional 'Hearthstone' Gamer Is Harder Than It Looks

We talked to the professional gamer known as Kripparrian to find out how he regularly live-beats the shit out of noobs and other pros alike.
Blake Butler

Meet YouTube's 79-Year-Old Grandma Gamer

Known online as Gamer Grandma, 79-year-old Shirley Curry has won the hearts of 115,000 subscribers – double the population of the quaint Virginian town she calls home.
Xiaoran Shi
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‘Altis Life’ Is the Game ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Should Have Been

The criminals of 'Altis Life' are all real people, likewise the citizens. Absolutely anything could happen, making it the best game that hardly anyone is playing.
Jason Nawara
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It’s Barely out of Beta, the Plot’s Buried and the Gunplay’s Unbalanced – So Why Am I Still Loving ‘Destiny’?

Bungie's confused shooter is entering its second year with 'The Taken King', but how has it even got this far?
Dan Le Sac
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Good News, People of China: You Can Now Legally Own a Games Console

The country's lifted its nationwide ban on the sale of PlayStations and the like.
Mike Diver
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We’d Rather Play ‘Skyrim’ with Mates on the Sofa than Struggle on with ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’

The Elder Scrolls series' MMORPG has moved to consoles, but it's a mess of confused mechanics and unclear purpose.
Danny Wadeson
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‘World of Warcraft’ Continues to Thrive, But I Miss Blizzard’s Storytelling Magic

As the MMORPG got bigger, so its once-fascinating story got lost to the demands of online play.
Matt Porter

Walk, Run, and Fly Through Vincent Morisset's New Interactive Film

Today, 'Way to Go' goes live online following the Oculus Rift-enabled film's world premiere at Sundance.
Becky Chung

Lose Yourself In Bat Country In This Free "Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas" Influenced Browser Game

It's a Surreal "Journey to the Heart of the American Dream" in this free, browser-based indie game.
Emerson Rosenthal

Incredipede Is A Game Of Anatomical Physics Set In Storybook Land

Macrophotographer Thomas Shahan brings his wood etching style to this charming browser game.
Abdullah Saeed