Billie Eilish and the Rise of Moody Pop

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How Changing Clothes Can Be Indicative of Releasing New Music

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Child Sexual Abuse Allegations Are About More Than Your Heroes

'Leaving Neverland' and other recent documentaries are trying to tell a story about survivors, not about whose art you choose to engage with.


American Media Still Doesn’t Get Música Urbana

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Dave Is Right: Black Britishness Deserves Respect, Not Tokenism

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Let’s Say It: The UK Charts Are a Mess Right Now

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Netflix’s ’Sex Education’ Balances Story and Soundtrack Beautifully

Stop providing outdated print-outs on ‘sexual intercourse’. Schools should screen the well-curated and educational Netflix show instead.


The Classic 'Album Release Cycle' Seems to Be Dying

Am I the only one who was like 'I cannot keep up with all these projects coming out right at the end of the year, the fuck?' No? Good.


21 Savage Is a Person, Not Your Meme

While everyone gets their jokes off, the supposedly British rapper is set to be deported and separated from his children.


Weezer Have Always Been the Goofy Band You Think They Are

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Bikini Kill Might Be 'Back' for 2019, But They've Always Mattered

'Revolution Girl Style Now!' and Forever.