The UK Insists: If You Give Birth You're a Mother, Even If You're a Man

After Freddy McConnell, a trans man, gave birth, the government insisted that even though he is legally a man, he must be listed as the child's mother. Do we need to explain why that's dumb?


We Need to Put Aside Political Differences to Fight for Democracy

The hard-left, Corbynistas, centrists, Tories – even those guys who bring dubstep rigs to demos – we all have to unite against this undemocratic coup.


Paul Mason: 'Our Secret Weapon to Defend Democracy Is Ourselves'

Parliamentary options to protect democracy are limited, but we can use mass civil disobedience to create a situation politically unbearable for the Tories.


I Saw the Future of Cannabis and It’s a Wellness Dystopia

I ventured into the heart of Big Weed for a two-day cannabis expo, and found lots to be worried about.


Why I'm Glad There Are No Plus-Sized Women Like Me On 'Love Island'

After 'Love Island' released its trailer, fans criticised the show for only featuring very slim women. But while our society remains so fatphobic, putting a few plus-sized women in the show would be more exploitative than helpful.


We Need an Emergency Review Into Rape Victims Being Denied Full Therapy

When VICE contacted me to tell me that rape victims with cases going through the courts are told not to tell therapists about their assaults, I could barely believe it was true. We must do better by victims.


For Gay Men in Indonesia, There's No Place Safer Than Twitter

It's the only place where we can feel like we belong to a community—but without the pressure of revealing everything about ourselves.


What I Learned from Reading a Whole Bunch of Trump Tell-Alls

It's not really selling out unless you cash in.


Actually, NY-Style Deli Sandwiches Are Too Goddamn Huge

I'm gonna fill you in on a sandwich hack that will change your life (and the way you eat pastrami).


We Don't Need a White Wellness Saviour to 'Fix' Chinese Food

There are real problems with Lucky Lee's framing of an entire cuisine as “unhealthy.”


From the Momo Challenge to Porn Laws, We Clearly Need Digital Natives in Charge

Numerous recent stories have shown how much harm people who don't get technology can do.


Stop Getting So Excited About That Article 50 Petition

The government doesn't care about your opinion! At all!