This Documentarian Wants Us to All Eat Human Placenta

"When I actually tasted it, what I got right away was that it was very tender, like a piece of tenderised beef. It tasted like it, too."


How to Eat Testicles

Fried testicles look a bit like round slices of ham, and have that same structure. They are crisp and brown on the outside, with meaty flavors and softness on the inside.


How to Go Undercover in Bangladesh’s Organ Black Market

Investigating underground kidney sales is "exhilarating, but also incredibly depressing."


A Squash Player is Selling His Kidney to Help Fund His Career

Remember, kids: no transnational squash tournament is worth losing a kidney over.​


What It's Like Growing Up on an Organ-Transplant Waitlist

"When I was eight months old doctors gave me a few months to live. Then I was put on the organ-waiting list."


It's Alive! Heart-Pumping VFX Short Explores a Medical Experiment Gone Wrong

Erik Ferguson's 'VEv' features strange organ-like creatures' life and death in a creepy laboratory.


Why Is it Legal for Rich Foreigners to Go to America for Organ Transplants?

Foreign nationals jetting to the United States solely to shell out cash for organ transplants is a growing problem, according to some advocates active in the donor transplant game.


Colorful X-Ray Art Captures The Inner Beauty Of Humans And Animals, Literally

While most photographers dabble in nudes at some point in their career, French photographer Xavier Lucchesi takes it a step further by getting under his subjects' skin.


Black-market Kidney

It cost $7,000 to buy the actual kidney, $1,000 to fly round-trip to Cape Town, South Africa, where the operation could be done legally, and $1,200 to fly the Brazilian bricklayer whose kidney is now inside me to Cape Town from São Paulo.