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My Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Won’t Stop Me from Running My Restaurant

Three years after opening my dream restaurant, I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. I was 29 years old.
Saima Thompson
South Asian food

How This Town Became a South Asian Sweet Shop Paradise

Bradford’s first mithai shop was opened in 1964 by Abdul Rehman, a Pakistani migrant working in the city's textiles mills. Other shops soon followed and today, Bradford is a sugary haven of laddu and gulab jamun.
Aina Khan
South Asian cuisine

The Future of British Pakistani Food Is Female

Britain’s curry houses have long been dominated by men. Now, a new generation of female Pakistani chefs are bringing home-style curries and bun kababs to supper clubs and street food stalls.
Rida Bilgrami
South Asian food

Meet the Pakistani Chef Teaching Colonial History Through Food

"It’s startling how little people know about Partition. The largest immigration of human movement across two countries took place and thousands lost their lives."
Ruchira Sharma

Meet the Chef Bringing Grandma-Approved Pakistani Street Food to London

Numra Siddiqui scoured the food stalls of Karachi and her own family recipes in search of the ultimate bun kabab—the “desi burger” made with sweetened bread and slow-cooked beef.
Daisy Meager

This 30-Minute Aubergine Curry Is an All-Day Hangover Feast

The head chef at Condesa in Copenhagen shows how you can transform this tasty AF vegetarian curry into a dip sauce and an "Indian quesadilla."
Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen

Birmingham Chefs Tell Us Why Their City Isn’t a Food Wasteland

“Growing up in Birmingham, there wasn’t much in terms of a food scene. I think people are slowly clocking onto it now. People are opening their own restaurants. There’s way more going on.”
Daisy Meager

What It’s Like to Work in a Restaurant and Fast During Ramadan

For Muslims restaurant workers observing the religious fast, being surrounded by delicious food is a challenge.
Zab Mustefa