palm oil

palm oil

There's a New Hazelnut Spread in Town and It Wants to Take On Nutella

The Barilla Group is set to launch the palm-oil-free Crema Pan di Stelle in January of next year.
Danielle Wayda
Ice Cream

Many 'Vanilla' Ice Creams Contain Precisely No Vanilla, Milk, or Cream, Study Says

In some “ice creams,” cream and milk were replaced with partially reconstituted dried skim milk, whey protein, and palm or coconut oil.
Jelisa Castrodale

That Nutella Taster Job Isn't Actually as Awesome as It Sounds

For one, you don't actually get to eat any Nutella.
Katinka Oppeck
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Python Swallowed an Indonesian Palm Oil Farmer Whole

Experts say deforestation forced the snake to seek alternative food sources.
Katherine Gillespie

Ferrero Is Having to Reassure People That Nutella Doesn’t Cause Cancer

The Italian company is downplaying fears that contaminants in palm oil, one of the hazelnut spread’s main ingredients, are carcinogenic.
Daisy Meager
palm oil

Why Green Bean Casserole Is Killing Off Rhinos

The creamy, bubbly casserole is an iconic winter dish, but those French-fried onions on top—as well as a whole host of other supermarket foods—are full of wildlife-endangering palm oil.
Lauren Rothman

Indonesia’s Fires Are Serious, So Why Isn’t Indonesia Taking Them Seriously?

Fires have now been burning across several islands since September, producing more greenhouse gases than the daily output of the United States.
Stanley Widianto