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Paris Hilton Took a 100-Year-Old World War II Vet to a Lil Pump Performance

The heiress DJ took Sidney Walton to Philipp Plein’s New York Fashion Week show. It’s 2019 and nothing surprises us anymore.
Josh Terry

This Pretend Billionaire Threw Insane Parties for Celebs and then Vanished

From hosting champagne-drenched ragers on the French Riviera to helping arrange funding for the 'The Wolf of Wall Street', Jho Low seemed to have it all – until his world started falling apart.
Seth Ferranti
Deep Ass Questions

Paris Hilton Dropping an Oasis Remix Makes So Much Sense

Or: 'Why do Americans think "Wonderwall" is cool?'
Lauren O'Neill
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

DJ Paris Hilton is Still Committed to Her Musical Career in 2017

Whoever gifted this woman a synthesiser: thank you.
Lauren O'Neill

Happy 10th Birthday, 2007: The Year of the 'Celebrity Car Crash'

Ten years on from Britney, Paris and Lindsay's "scandals", why don't we see more big celebrities falling apart in the public eye?
Marianne Eloise

How I Threw a Party and Made It Into a Career

Partying shouldn’t be about having to deal with an asshole bouncer or finding your name on a list, and it shouldn’t be about entrance covers. It should just come down to if you’re cool, have a good attitude, and wanna have a good time.
Jeremy Fall

Meeting the Man Who Brokers Celebrity Sex Tapes For a Living

We spoke to Kevin Blatt, the king of celeb porno, to find out how his business works and how the sex tape industry is developing.
Hannah Ewens

What Paris Hilton and 'The Simple Life' Taught Us About a Work Ethic

Changing a burger joint sign so that it reads "1/2 PRICE ANAL SALTY WEINER BURGERS" is surprisingly deep.
Sophie Wilkinson
Remembering the Hipster

The Cobrasnake Looks Back on a Decade of Shooting Hipster Parties

Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter shot over a million party photos over the course of ten years.
Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter
2005 week

Popped Collars, Skinny Jeans, and The Pussycat Dolls: WTF Was Up with Fashion in 2005?

Maybe if we could see out from under our asymmetric haircuts, we'd have realized how terrible we looked.
Elizabeth Sankey
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10 Dance Music Celebrity Deathmatches We Want to See

The return of a favorite MTV show has us thinking about the possibilities.
Kat Bein

I Talked to the Actress Who Says She Was Tricked Into Smuggling 3.5 Tonnes of Pot

"I would have dreams of being arrested or being hunted down by Mexican gangsters."
Allie Conti