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Some Teens Got Lost in the Paris Catacombs for Days

Search parties eventually found them in the pitch-black tunnels amid the ancient skulls and bones.
River Donaghey

The Cities Where You're Most Likely to Have Experimental Sex

Out of 200 cities, our fair capital was near the top of the list.
VICE Staff
New Neighbours

On Fleeing Egypt and Studying Filmmaking in France

The repression of my homosexuality and the brutality of the Egyptian regime pushed me to leave Cairo forever.
Ahmed Sleiman
The Restless Youth Issue

No Matter the Election Results, Parisian Youth Are Crying 'F*ck the Police'

There is also an insoluble quality to French police violence, which resists being explained by recent laws or electoral politics.
Yohann Koshy
refugee crisis

Meeting 'Les Mijeurs' – the Refugees Trapped in an Extra Level of Limbo

The young refugees say they're under 18, but the local government claims they're adults.
Matt Broomfield

Shelter Adds a Dreamy Hour of Globally-Minded Melodies to Our Balearic Mix Series

With a mini-album on International Feel on the way, the Parisian producer surveys a world of melody for our Incantations series.
Josh Baines

When Did EDM Become So Full of Self-Pity?

Lyrics have started to resemble inspirational quotes penned by The Used.
Angus Harrison
thump exclusive stream

The Weeknd's Mysterious Producer Prince 85 Made Us a Mix of French Electro and Hip-Hop

The Parisian beatmaker cooks up 46 minutes of trap bruisers, 90s big beat, and sinister synth instrumentals.
Max Mertens
thump exclusive stream

Cruise Through Parisian Back Streets with This Exclusive Mix from Kompakt's New Signing, Demian

Ahead of the release of his 'Milestars' EP on the German label, soak up a gloriously propulsive hour long guest mix.
Josh Baines

John Early and Kate Berlant Are Your Next Comedy Obsession

The pair star in a new series on the search for fame, produced by Tim Heidecker and Eric Warehei.
Amil Niazi
thump news

Nickelback's Chainsmokers Mashup Will Make You Believe in US-Canada Relations Again

"You can't please everyone guys. Welcome to the club."
THUMP Canada Staff
thump news

The Chainsmokers Don't Seem to Mind Being Compared to Nickelback

They have shared a clip pointing out the similarities between their song "Paris" and "How You Remind Me."
Alexander Iadarola