Between Europe's Borders

When Your Town Is So Boring You Have to Hop a Border to Party

The Spanish enclave of Ceuta is not an exciting place to live – let alone to rave. And so privileged-enough kids freely cross the border with Morocco for a proper night out.
Rebeca Hortigüela
House Party Review

House Party Review

Fancy dress, an endless toilet queue and lots of drugs – but nothing weird.
Hatti Rex
Levi's® Music Project Liverpool

We’re Throwing a Huge Party in Liverpool This Sunday and You're Invited

The Sound City Festival afterparty, co-hosted by us and Levi's, will see sets from Ms Banks, Slowthai, Aystar and a bunch of others.
Noisey UK Staff

The Festival That Celebrates the Arrival of Spring with Violence, Dirt and Booze

Every year, the people of the French village Cournonterral gather to mark the end of a 12th century battle by chasing each other around with barrels of dark wine.
Marine Peixoto

A Brief, 200-Year History of Humanity’s Love for Laughing Gas

People were using it to get high in the 1700s – long before anyone used it to decorate cakes.
Gavin Butler

Gritty Photos of New York Nightlife in the Early 90s

Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen branded himself as the Holden Caulfield of the avant-garde party scene.
Miss Rosen

Netflix Has Dropped the Trailer for VICE's New Fyre Festival Documentary

The film lifts the lid on one of the greatest dumpster fires of the modern age.
Gavin Butler
Noisey News

Help Charli XCX Raise Money to Save a Young Artist's Life

Party for a cause! Join Charli, Allie X, Dorian Electra, and more at the Billy Ball in LA to support Billy Clayton's cancer treatment.
Eve Barlow

Freshers Week at Two Very Different Universities

Photographer Orlando Gili documented two freshers parties: one at Leeds, one at Cambridge.
Orlando Gili
Noisey Mix

Travel Through Time, Space, and EDM with The Pom-Poms' Noisey Mix

Kitty and Sam Ray have blended "Shawty Wanna Fuck," 'Rick and Morty' jokes, and chunks of their own sitcom to create one of the weirdest, most fun mixes we've ever heard.
Alex Robert Ross

Sex and Celebs: Tony Pike Gives Us a Tour of His Legendary Ibiza Hotel

"I saw a very attractive woman, Pepa from Salt n Pepa. I thought, 'I've got to get some coke.' I racked up two lines, hoovered it down, and it was ketamine."
VICE Staff

Foreigners Explain What Shocked Them Most About UK Festivals

"In the middle of a circle pit, one really big drunk guy started to pee in his mouth and spit it at people."
Kyle MacNeill