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What VICE Gaming’s Been Playing: September 2016

The games that kept us occupied last month, from big-budget shooters to indie FMV titles, via one of the prettiest-looking "racers" ever.


After 385 Hours, One Player Still Hasn’t Beaten His Hardest 'Super Mario Maker' Creation

Super Mario Maker player Braden Moor has spent more than 16 days trying to make it to the end of the ultra-hard stage he calls "Trials of Death".


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In Defence of Playing Bad Video Games

Every video game has something to say, even terrible ones that most people would tell you to stay away from.


​One of 2016’s Best Video Games Was Released Last Year

With precious few new releases out right now, it's the perfect time to check out the excellent downloadable content for 'The Witcher 3.'


What VICE Gaming's Been Playing: August 2016

It has been a very, very busy month here at VICE Gaming HQ. New babies, international travel, a press conference or two... But we've still managed to find time to play a few games.


'Grow Up' Makes the Simple Act of Climbing a Joy

Some games are about saving the world. Grow Up just wants you to climb a tree and chill out.


Why Germany Banned 'Criminal Girls 2', A Game It Deemed “Harmful To Minors”

The organisations that assign game ratings don't usually explain themselves, but one game publisher took us behind the scenes.


For a Brief Moment, Hackers Beat PC Gaming's Best Anti-Piracy Tech

It's been nearly impossible to pirate some of PC gaming's biggest releases lately, but that's not stopping hackers from trying.


What VICE Gaming’s Been Playing: July 2016

We know, it sounds completely unbelievable, but the people who work here, they actually play video games. Sometimes even for fun.


'The Fall' Is One of Gaming's Most Overlooked Sci-Fi Stories

There's a teaser trailer for a sequel to 'The Fall', and it's a fantastic opportunity to catch a game you probably missed.