Pavlos Fyssas


Greek Neo-Nazi Party Golden Dawn Remains the Country's Third Most Popular Offer

The organisation, which recently accepted political responsibility for the murder of a left-wing rapper, are the third largest party in the country.


Golden Dawn Has Accepted Responsibility for the Murder of Antifascist Rapper Pavlos Fyssas in 2013

Who the hell is going to vote for the far-right organisation in the upcoming Greek elections now? I contacted some political analysts to find out.


Golden Dawn's Long Awaited Trial Began in Athens this Week

The leadership of the Greek neo-Nazi party is accused of belonging to a criminal organisation.


Greece's Anti-Fascist Uprising

VICE News travelled to Greece to see how the Golden Dawn arrests have affected Greece's anti-fascist movement.


The Hangover News

This weekend, a group claimed responsibility for killing two Golden Dawn supporters.


The Golden Dawn Have a British Fan Club

I went to The New Dawn's tiny demo and interviewed their leader.


The Golden Dawn Crackdown Might Have Been a Little Premature

Three MPs have been released on bail, which doesn't look good for the prosecution's case.


Police Tear-gassed Traffic in Athens Last Night

They were trying to hit all the antifascist protesters who'd been running away from them.


Was Pavlos Fyssas' Funeral the Beginning of the End of the Golden Dawn?

Thousands of anti-fascists marched in Athens, pledging to batter neo-Nazis.


We Spent Last Night Watching Greek Antifascists Clash with the Police

They were all out to protest the murder of antifa activist Pavlos Fyssas by a Golden Dawn member.