Epstein’s Victims Just Lost Their Battle to Get the US Government to Pay for His Cushy Plea Deal

Victims had hoped to win compensation from the government arguing their rights were violated by Epstein's 2007 plea deal.


8 People Were Told Not to Leave Epstein Alone. They Did Anyway.

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Paedophiles Can't be 'Cured,' and It's Dangerous to Suggest They Can

A recently published paper claiming pedophiles can be cured does a disservice to people who need treatment.


Roy Moore Is Suing Sacha Baron Cohen for £73M After Paedophile Detector Bit

The failed Senate candidate claims the 'Who Is America?' clip caused "severe emotional distress" and "financial damage."


Social Media Sites Can’t Decide How to Handle ‘Non-Offending’ Pedophiles

Pedophiles have used websites like Twitter to argue they’re not evil, forcing social media platforms to decide how they’re going to treat them.


A Child Rape Victim on Why Society Should Be More Empathetic to Pedophiles

“If he would have had a place to go, maybe it would have never happened to me.”


A Paedophile Opens Up About Being Targeted by Vigilantes

Todd Nickerson is attracted to children but says he’s never abused one.


My Father Was a Child Molester and I Put Him in Prison

As bad a man as my father is, I still struggle with the guilt of placing the man I loved and admired for so long into a cramped, violent cage.


This Man Was Falsely Arrested for Paedophilia After Reading a Newspaper in Public

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A Construction Worker Has Started a Clan of Vigilante Paedophile Hunters

Active in eight cities across Canada, these guys say they're exposing would-be predators. But police say they put people – and investigations – at risk.


Montreal Scrambles to Get Name of Filmmaker and Alleged Pedophile Off City Property

Claude Jutra was renowned in the Quebec film industry for his career and legacy, but damning new allegations have the province rethinking his acclaim.