People Just Do Nothing

People Just Do Nothing

The Kurupt FM Guys Tell Us All the Ways to Fuck Off Forever

The last season of 'People Just Do Nothing' starts today, so here's Grindah, Beats, Steves and Chabuddy G's advice for you on leaving jobs, friendships, group WhatsApps and more.
Hannah J Davies
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Kurupt FM On Their First Dates, Jobs and Drug Experiences

"Like with anything, you lose the passion, and my passion for delivering free papers didn't last that long."
Daniel Dylan Wray
Holy Shit

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Kurupt FM Has Signed to XL Recordings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The self-proclaimed indie titan signs the self-proclaimed best MCs in the galaxy.
Noisey Staff

Alan Partridge's First Pill, and a Brief History of Pingers on British Television

Norwich's favourite radio DJ danced til 8AM and couldn't stop talking about Lewis Hamilton.
Angus Harrison

Lady Miche’s Guide to the Ultimate Break Up Bangers

The queen of Kurupt FM gave us a call to talk about how she’s coping since chucking Grindah’s hair gel into the street.
Joe Zadeh
Objectively Correct Lists

Five Times Kurupt FM Proved They Are the Best Comedians in Britain

When the history books are opened, time will remember MC Grindah. The lyrical master.
Ryan Bassil
Joe Zadeh

We Visited the Set of 'People Just Do Nothing' Series Three

Talking garage, Wavey Garms and vaping with the Kurupt FM massive.
Jamie Clifton

An Interview with Ash Atalla, British Comedy's Master Puppeteer

We spoke to the producer of The Office and People Just Do Nothing about telly, disability and the importance of youth.
Joe Bish
Holy Shit

If Anyone Deserved a BAFTA Nomination It's Kurupt FM

Get out the way Graham Norton, Brentford is coming for ya.
Joe Zadeh
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Last Night's Sold-Out Kurupt FM Gig Showed They Are Way More than Just a Comedy Show

Bringing out Stormzy, Big Narstie, D Double E, Footsie and even MC Neat, they nailed a show that jams a tongue in the cheek of UK culture, but in the most loving way. Here's all the words, videos and pictures.
Joe Zadeh
Holy Shit

"Art Can't Handle Me": MC Grindah on How Kurupt FM Terrorised the Tate Britain with a Full on Rave Last Week

Mosh pits, reloads and blazing - all in your respectable London art gallery.
Joe Zadeh

I'm the Guy Who Paints Grime Stars as If They Are Landed Gentry from the 1700s

He also wrote and sang "Being a DIckhead's Cool". What a world!
Joe Zadeh