Performance Art


Virgen María Wants to Bless You with Techno, Spirituality and Sex

We met up with the Madrid-based artist and producer to find out about her upcoming EP – and to hear why she almost always performs naked.


I Ate Monochromatic Meals For the Sake of Art

I'm obsessed with conceptual artist Sophie Calle's 1998 work "The Chromatic Diet." I wanted to see how it worked in the age of unicorn food.


The Man Who Turned His Own Crucifixion into Art

A new documentary tells the story of Chris Burden, the pioneering artist whose extreme bodily works changed performance art forever.


It's Messed Up These People Are Kissing a Car for 50 Hours, Right?

Under capitalism, there is no distinction between work and humiliation.


Unsettling Anime Masks Exorcise This Artist's Insecurities

Valery Jung Estabrook made a series of emoji-like masks to escape the roles society asks her to play.


This Dance Troupe Performs with Lasers in Their Butts

Young Boy Dancing Group's co-founder on challenging gender and sexuality with a laser in your anal sphincter.


I Found Love, Togetherness and Milk-Chugging Nazis at Shia LaBeouf's Livestream

The anti-Trump performance art project was shut down after 20 days of controversy and violence, but it was still weirdly successful.


How Natalie White Turned Her Criminal Trial into Performance Art

Her character witnesses included Lizzy Jagger and Patricia Arquette.


Fleeing Civil War, A Somali Performance Artist Finds Refuge in Minnesota | #50StatesofArt

Ifrah Mansour shares her experience as a Somali-born performance artist living in Minneapolis.


A Gothic, Apocalyptic Opera Releases the Demons of Black Collective Consciousness

M. Lamar’s latest performance is a dark opera that meditates upon white suprematism and violence committed against black bodies in the US.


This Artist Prepares You for Space by Sealing You in Metallic Membranes

Findings from Lucy McRae's space experiment may have practical medical applications in the real world.


'Breaking the Waves' of a New Kind of Opera

At Prototype Festival, Missy Mazzoli's Lars von Trier adaptation makes a strong case for an alternative Friday evening activity.