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Putin Is Using Paralympics Ban for Propaganda, But Is He Also Right?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has slammed the IPC's ruling as "outside the bounds of law, morality and humanity."
Josephine Huetlin

The Rise and Fall of Gerd Bonk, the World Champion of Doping

East German weightlifter Gerd Bonk took the highest documented quantity of anabolic steroids in his quest for a gold medal. He was a victim of the greatest, widest reaching, and most sociopathic scandal in sports history.
Brian Blickenstaff

The Mountain (Running) Men in the Grassroots Fight Against Doping

Mountain, ultra, and trail running is a niche but growing sport. Now some of its most prominent athletes want to stop the rise of doping before it takes root.
Katie Matlack
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Drinking, Doping, and the Cannabis Olympics: Another VICE Sports Q&A with Sports Historian David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt, author of 'The Games: A Global History of the Olympics,' talks about the storied history of cheating and doing drugs at the Olympic Games, and whether WADA has changed anything at all.
Aaron Gordon
Rio 2016

The Drugs Won: The Case for Ending the Sports War on Doping

The fight against performance-enhancing drugs has long been framed as a moral crusade. But some heretics like retired investigator Don Catlin and former USATF exec Doug Logan now contend that the battle is a quagmire, and doing more harm than good.
Patrick Hruby
Rio 2016

Steroids, Strychnine and a Dash of Skullduggery: A Potted History of Doping in Sport

While doping is at the forefront of the sporting consciousness at the moment, it’s hardly a recent phenomenon. Athletes have doped since ancient times, and often in very peculiar ways.
Will Magee
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Poll Surveys 31 Tennis Pros, Finds 26% Suspect An Opponent of Match Fixing

Likewise, more than a fifth of those surveyed know a player who has used performance enhancing drugs.
UK Sports Staff

Are You a Cheater If You're Using Smart Drugs to Get Ahead?

Universities and other organizations are now considering the ethics of using nootropics and other "smart drugs."
Matt Tinoco

Why Formula 1 Doesn't Have Doping Scandals

While other sports have become mired in doping scandals, Formula 1 has been drug-free territory for most of its history.
Kate Walker,

Criminalised Doping and Sending Cheaters to Jail

Should we view doping and cheating in sports as fraud? Does that mean violators should go to jail? The questions are complex, but the answers we get may not be.
Brian Blickenstaff