I Tried to Get High at a 'Cacao Dance'

The power of cacao doesn’t flow through everyone.


Fighting Corruption in Peru with Perra Vida's Hardcore Feminist Punk

"The incredibly high number of femicides, rapes, and sexual exploitation – in conjunction with many other horrible things, it makes you want to collapse and cry. But it can also motivate you to actually do something."


The World Cup Match That Spawned a Decades-Old Conspiracy Theory

When Argentina thrashed Peru to progress to the knockout stages of the 1978 World Cup, the result led many to mutter darkly about fixes, political interference and corruption at the highest level.


Why This Mum Retraced Her Missing Son's Steps Through Peru

Jesse Galganov was last seen on a backpacking trip through the mountains in October of 2017. Nearly £900,000 has been spent searching for him since.


Ricarda Cometa's 'Soltá el Bambú' Is a Rhythmic Noise Rock Explosion

The Peruvian-Argentine duo’s new track is built on a stark contrast between noise rock, improvisation, and pure rhythm.


Two Arrests Ordered After Lynch Mob Kills Canadian Man in Peru

Sebastian Woodroffe went to the Amazon to study plant medicine. Then he was accused of killing an ayahuasca shaman.


Canadian Lynched by Mob After Being Accused of Killing Peruvian Shaman

Here’s everything we know about the death of Sebastian Woodroffe.


Lomo Saltado (Peruvian Beef Tenderloin Stir-Fry)

Don't be afraid to use a bit of fire with this dish—it's the only way to get a nice smoky flavour.


How Not to Poison Your Friends with Homemade Ceviche

Made with raw fish and a “tiger’s milk” marinade of lime and chili, the South American seafood dish is a deceptively hard one to get right.


Peru and Chile's Battle Over Pisco Reignited by Spirits Competition

Peru has pulled out of the Brussels World Contest after being told they can't use the term "pisco" to describe their signature brandy. Sour grapes?


Sweet-and-Sour Guinea Pig Is a Chinese Peruvian Revelation

You’ve probably heard of nikkei—the fusion that marries Peruvian and Japanese ingredients—but the mash-up of Peruvian and Chinese cuisine results in some even more interesting dishes.


The Quest to Cure One Man's Depression with Ayahuasca

After exhausting all other options, James Freeman spent ten months attempting to fix himself with the native plants of the Amazon.