Peter Rosenberg


Ebro Was Right to Ask Kodak Black the Hard Questions

Yesterday, Kodak Black walked out of an Ebro in the Morning interview after the host mentioned his sexual assault case.


Chance Just Confirmed Albums with Kanye West and Childish Gambino

“I've been actively working on the project with Childish. I’m going to do a seven-track with Ye," he said in an interview with Peter Rosenberg.


"JewPac" Returns as Shia LaBeouf Takes on Hot 97 and Lil Yachty in Yet Another Freestyle

This is where we draw the line, you don't diss Vin Diesel.


Hip-Hop Listening Parties Are Corny and Corporate

It's not about the music; it's about schlepping consumer goods.


Bishop Nehru Drops New Video and Mixtape Details

Bishop Nehru drops new video, announces new mixtape with Peter Rosenberg, and singlehandedly tops everything you did when you were 16.


Nicki Minaj Should Never Apologise for Going Pop

If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack.


On Nicki Minaj Vs. Peter Rosenberg and Hip-Hop's Patriarchy Problem

Even though it’s a great time to be a woman who raps, the hip-hop community still finds femininity alien, if not wildly threatening.