Phillip Stearns


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Transfer Gallery’s Kelani Nichole stacks a dozen videos in a single hyperlinked space.


The Dream Wanderer Bus Is a Mobile Virtual Reality Theater

After the success of VR meditation space ‘Theta,’ Flatsitter is taking his VR show on the road.


Lost Data, Neon Art, and Textiles Collide in an Electronic Art Exhibition

In his new solo exhibition ‘ADC/DAC,' electronic artist Phillip Stearns explores the flawed humanity inherent in technology.


Keep Warm with These Glitch Art Scarves

Phillip Stearns' 'Binary Scarves' are the comfortable side of corrupted data.


The Geiger Counter Chandelier Is a Dark Data Visualizer

Four years after the Fukushima disaster, Phillip Stearns' 'A Chandelier for One of Many Possible Ends,' makes us painfully aware of radiation.


Zapping Instant Film Makes for Gorgeous Abstract Photos

Phillip Stearns creates gorgeous, abstract nebulas of color by running 15,000 volts through instant film in his new photo series at the Transfer Gallery, 'High Voltage.'


The 4 Best Ways To Create Stunning Art By Destroying Film Negatives

Fire, gasoline, high voltages, and even the human body can add an extra zing to your photographs.


Space Invaders: Peeking Inside Electronic Media Artist Phillip Stearns' Studio

Phillip Stearns, one of the best-known glitch artists around, is poised to be the next bad-ass art boy—thanks in large part to a Tumblr he started in January 2012 called Year of the Glitch.


Phillip Stearns Is Turning Digital Glitches Into Warm Blankets

Glitch art gets cuddly with the Glitch Textiles project.