Photo Essay


Photos of Romanians Battling the Hottest Summer in Half a Century

August in Romania hasn't been this hot since 1951.


How to Get Prisoners Talking About Life Before Prison

With his new project, photographer Guido Gazzilli asked inmates to open up emotionally and tell their story through pictures.


Looking Back at a Legendary UK Warehouse Party

Photographer Ben Rayner digs up his pictures from December 2006, including snaps from the first-ever Real Gold party, as well as pics from one of the Klaxons' first major gigs.


Dirty Birds: Thanksgiving Food Porn, Literally

Photos of a Thanksgiving meal you wouldn't want to share with your family. It's quite the mouthful!


Stale Bread with Ham and Rum: Tourism in the Time of Cuba

“Cuba is for travelling, not for living,” said one man I encountered. “We get a ration of five eggs per month, one piece of bread per day, and one chicken leg every 45 days.”


Photos of a Day in the Life of a Real-Life Superhero

For this week's First-Person Shooter, we handed two cameras to a self-described real-life superhero who patrols the streets of Missouri in costume.


The Definitely-Not-Sober Faces of Guests in a Colorado Hostel

This week, we handed two disposable cameras to the desk clerk at a downtown Denver hostel. Here's what he saw.


It's All About the Tuna at this Fish Market in the Maldives

The fish market in Male, the uber-congested capital city of the Maldives, is full of groupers, sea bass, red snappers, dolphin fish, and barracuda—but the real draw is the fresh skipjack and yellowfin tuna.


The Peculiar Sadness of Going to a Music Festival Alone: A Photo Essay

Going solo to Primavera Sound left me without a source of external validation, except for my Snapchat followers.


Photos Taken While Cold and Alone in Kraków, Poland

Last year, I went to Poland to film a documentary about an experimental music festival. I'd recently gone through a breakup, and as a result, I found myself photographing sad-lad scenes.


Eerie Photos of Decrepit Tourist Destinations in Europe

Empty luxury apartments and hotels, desolate guest houses, deserted local diners... even the slopes were dead.


Photos of the Depressing Casinos of Atlantic City

German photographer Ricarda Messner spent 24 hours in New Jersey's Atlantic City capturing the slot machines, lights, and Donald Trump's gaudy Taj Mahal.