photo manipulations


Glitched-Out Photo Manipulations Blur the 8-Bit World and Ours

The Sydney based artist creates grainy digital imagery to illustrate original sci-fi narratives.


Classical Sculpture Collages Shatter Antique Traditions

Photographic reproductions of ancient sculptures create new associations in Ewa Doroszenko’s 'The Promise of Sublime Words.'


These GIFs Will Take You 'Back 2015' the Future

In honor of the film's 30th anniversary, see what Doc and Marty's world would look like today in Nicolas Amiard's sci-fi GIFs.


Drift into the Weekend with These Surreal Floating Islands

Mexican Illustrator Daniel Barreto creates impossible places in his new series of 3D landscapes.


Spoons, Spools, and Sugar Make Fashion Photos More Fun

Frédérique Daubal's minimalist photo manipulations give new meaning to base materialism.


If Megan Fox Was the 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'

Graphic artist Bénédicte Lacroix gives us further proof that celebrities are art.


Leap Down The Rabbit Hole Of Surrealist Instagram Photographer Belinda Tellez

@Belilabelle creates manipulated images that range from framed, floating heads, to water with legs, to women who fly.


We Talked To The Photographer Who Mashed Siblings Into Single Genetic Portraits

Ino Zeljak shared with us his photos of family members before and after they were Photoshopped into DNA Frankenstein composites.


How One Parking Lot Photograph Conquered The Internet

We talked to artist Chuck Anderson about the back story of his photo "Places You Can't Imagine," which has appeared on countless social media feeds, t-shirts, and even at the O2 Festival (almost always without his permission).


Trains Become Streaming Lightbeams In Aaron Durand’s Long Exposure Photos

They look more magical than a night on the Polar Express.


"Photoshop In Real Life" Takes Photo Manipulation Literally

The photo series by Flora Borsi considers what retouching might be like IRL.


No Subjects Were Harmed In The Making Of These Insane Photos

...Although that is definitely not what it looks like.