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Photos of People Looking Joyful and Unbothered in 80s and 90s Clubs

We spoke to photographer Adam Friedman, who took club photos in the days before everyone with a phone could take a good photo.


Photos of How Life Changes When Your 20-Year-Old Girlfriend Gets Cancer

What it's like to balance being a supportive partner with a documentarian, when your girlfriend starts chemotherapy.


Photos of Brits Caught Off Guard on the Street

Ali Mobasser used photography to process his aunt's death, snapping people caught unawares around London, the UK and Europe.


The Other Royals: Photos of England's Carnival Kings and Queens

What it's like to travel for three years, around 42 counties in England, taking photos of small-town carnival royalty in all their glory.


What You Learn When You Ask Queens Why They Do Drag

For over a decade British photographer Magnus Hastings has been shooting the some of the biggest drag queens and asking them one question: Why drag?


Photos of My Dying Grandma’s Last Days

When Rachel Cox's grandmother was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease, she picked up her camera to try and hold on to the last of their time together.


I Turned Family Pictures of My Kids into Agency Stock Photos

"I ended up with three kids under 3, and it can get hellishly boring – photography became my creative outlet."