Woman Fined for Killing, Eating Rescue Pig That She Promised She Wouldn't Eat

The woman had signed a contract promising to care for the animal, but ended up turning it into 200 pounds of pâté.
Jelisa Castrodale

Vegans May Have Killed Piglets While Protesting ‘Death Factory’ Pig Farm

The farmer said the activists who crammed themselves into a shed with some sows and piglets caused two piglets to be crushed to death.
Mack Lamoureux
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Percy Pig Just Got ‘Married’ and We Have Some Questions

Marks & Spencer’s porcine gummy sweet tied the knot with long-term partner Penny this weekend but something's not right.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

Scientists Discover Low-Fat Bacon Can Be Made from CRISPR-Modified Pigs

Playing god is part of your balanced breakfast.
Mayukh Sen

Writing a Book About Pork Made Me Go Vegan

Cambridge University archaeologist Pía Spry-Marqués' new book explores the "love-hate" relationship between humans and pigs. In writing it, she was forced to confront her own eating habits.
Daisy Meager
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Shooting Hogs from Balloons Could Soon Be a Reality in Texas

The state legislature just passed a bill to legalize the practice, because apparently hunting them from helicopters was too noisy.
Drew Schwartz

Why Romanians No Longer Love Killing Pigs

People in Romania aren't buying and killing their own pigs any more, a fact the merchants at the Brănești pig fair can't escape.
Mădălin Istrate
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The Farm Where Old Pigs Go to Be Massaged Until They Die

Not all farm animals that have already lived their productive years have to head straight for the slaughterhouse—some go to peaceful retirement homes to live out their golden years.
Stefanie Staelens

Stale Bread with Ham and Rum: Tourism in the Time of Cuba

“Cuba is for travelling, not for living,” said one man I encountered. “We get a ration of five eggs per month, one piece of bread per day, and one chicken leg every 45 days.”
Alice Driver

A Pig Got Loose and Britain’s Most British Week Ever Somehow Got More British

This pig is the only one in the UK with the right idea. Run, pig. Run.
Joel Golby
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This Pig Farmer Is on a Mission to Rebrand Pork Scratchings

After discussing the idea at the pub, Matthew Fort and Tom Parker-Bowles joined with farmer Rupert Ponsonby to create a scratching with high quality British pork. “We were annoyed that an iconic British food wasn’t being made with lower welfare pigs...
Johanna Derry

Snakes, Alligators and the World's Top Female Golfer

At 18-years-old, Lydia Ko is the youngest golfer of either sex to ever be ranked #1 in the world. Simply put, she's the best. On a rare off day in her home base of Orlando, we figured it would be nice to show her some local sights.
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