The Rise of Netflix Competitors Has Pushed Consumers Back Toward Piracy

BitTorrent usage has bounced back because there's too many streaming services, and too much exclusive content.
Karl Bode
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'Game of Thrones' Was Pirated More Than a Billion Times This Season

The number of illegal views dwarfs the average number of people who tuned in to HBO's seventh season legally, according to a new report.
River Donaghey

For a Brief Moment, Hackers Beat PC Gaming's Best Anti-Piracy Tech

It's been nearly impossible to pirate some of PC gaming's biggest releases lately, but that's not stopping hackers from trying.
Patrick Klepek

Do the Illegal Music Downloading Sites of My Youth Still Work?

What ever happened to Limewire, Kazaa and Soulseek?
Tom Usher
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Stop Complaining About Streaming Services, We Live in a Music Consumer Heaven

You are living in an extraordinary time to be a music lover and listener. Cough up and enjoy it.
Gary Suarez
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Kanye West and Deadmau5's Twitter Beef From Last Night is Not Over Yet

After the Canadian producer called the rapper out for allegedly pirating software.
Gigen Mammoser
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The Founder of the Pirate Bay Plans to "Bankrupt" the Music Industry with His New Art Project

His "Kopimashin" is designed to make 100 copies of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" every second, or about 8 million copies a day.
Kyle Kramer
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Humans of the CD Street Stall: Who Still Buys Pirated Discs?

The Indonesian government's recent crackdown on online and streaming music websites hasn't seemed to have affected the pirate CD stalls of Jakarta.

The Man Who Found the Man Who Broke the Music Business

We talked with Stephen Witt, author of the book <i>How Music Got Free</i>, about finding the patient zero of album leaks. Or, as Witt describes him, "the guy who destroyed the music industry to afford to put souped-up rims on his car."
Zach Sokol
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Even iTunes Don't Understand How Their New Refund System Works

Anyone can get a refund on a record they don't like and they don't even need to return the album. But who is losing money here?
Ryan Bassil

How Did The Pirate Bay, the World’s Biggest Illegal Downloading Site, Stay Online for So Long?

By shutting down The Pirate Bay, the music industry has eliminated one of its biggest threats—for now.
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The Man in the Web

Jon Karlung, the chairman of the company who look after Wikileaks' servers, on his fight for online freedom.
Caisa Ederyd