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Man Accused of Groping Woman on Flight Said Trump 'Says It's OK'

So much for Trump's 'Access Hollywood' tape being a harmless bit of "locker room banter".
Drew Schwartz
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A Plane Was Evacuated Because of This Woman’s Emotional Support Squirrel

Honestly the headline says it all.
Drew Schwartz
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Passengers Asked to Pee in Trash Bags and Bottles on This Flight from Hell

After the toilets onboard started overflowing from a flushed diaper.
Drew Schwartz

Everything We Know About Richard Russell, the Man Who Stole and Crashed a Plane

The 29-year-old rambled about "sweet nothings" and doing "barrel rolls" to air traffic control before crashing the plane into an island in Washington.
Drew Schwartz
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How One Sex Toy Fucked an Entire Airport

Airport security somehow mistook it for a bomb.
Drew Schwartz
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Woman Says Flight Crew Made 'Jokes' After a Man Masturbated Next to Her

She even caught the guy on video.
Drew Schwartz
Flight Attendants

Abuse, Vomit and Fingering Drunks: The Worst Things Flight Attendants Have to Deal With

People on planes are monsters.
Yannah Alfering
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'Extremely Intoxicated' Passenger Caught Peeing on Back of Airline Seat

Just when you thought flying couldn't get any more horrific.
Drew Schwartz

An Expert Explains How Not to Get Sucked Out a Plane Window

In light of recent news stories, this could (but hopefully won't) come in handy some day.
VICE Staff
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Smoke-Filled Delta 'Flight from Hell' Evacuated in Latest Airplane Nightmare

One passenger said the fumes made her "instantly dizzy" and left her feeling "faint and sick" even after she left the plane.
Drew Schwartz
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'Drunk or Stoned' United Stewardess: 'If Your Seatbelt Isn't Tight, You Fucked Up'

The airline has since apologised for the "concerning incident".
Drew Schwartz
Australia Today

Thai Airways Bans Oversize Passengers and New Parents From Business Class

The airline says barred passengers will have no choice but to sit in economy on its new planes.
Millie Roberts