Breaking Down the New Sonic Game with a BAFTA-Winning Designer

I wasn't feeling 'Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice', but I'm no expert on game design. So I asked someone who is.
Mike Diver

‘Yooka-Laylee’ Wants to Reward the Curiosity of Gamers Old and New

Massive, colourful open worlds stretch out before you, showing that while this is indebted to the past, it's a very modern gaming experience.
Mike Diver

This Ex-Cop Turned Developer Made a Game Where You Don’t Kill Things

Artist Daniel Monastero spent years as a cop in São Paulo's favelas. Now, he's making a nonviolent video game with the hope that he can push the medium to evolve and mature.
Dawn Saas

‘Cuphead’ Looks Great, But It’s Going to Terrify Younger Gamers

Don't be fooled by the illusion: this isn't a casual attraction. Cuphead is going to shred nerves and wreck controllers, worldwide.
Mike Diver

The First Rule of Writing About Playdead’s ‘Inside’ Is to Not Spoil Anything About Playdead’s ‘Inside’

Honestly, it's better that you just play it without reading anything beforehand. Off you go, then.
Mike Diver

The Revived ‘Ratchet & Clank’ Shows How ‘Retro Gaming’ Should Be In 2016

Insomniac's revival of its PS2-period platformer shows that brilliant "old" games need not actually be relics from the past.
Mike Diver and Emma Quinlan

The New ‘Ratchet & Clank’ Is Your Memories Turned Up to Dazzling High-Def

Rebooted for 2016, the PlayStation platformer is a lot more than a better-looking version of what you've played before.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

‘Super Mario 64’ Still Matters, Even 20 Years Since Its Release

The palpable passion and eternal quality of the classic platformer deserves to remain a source of inspiration and aspiration for developers for many years to come.
Andy McDonald
VICE vs Video games

Happy 20th Anniversary, Rayman, You Glorious Freak of Gaming

Ubisoft's odd little bundle of floating limbs debuted in September 1995, and despite some awful games along the way he remains relevant today.
David Whelan
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‘Tembo the Badass Elephant’ Is a Sonic (Style) Game That Doesn’t Totally Suck

The old-school platformer mostly hits high notes, which is good news for its director at Game Freak, James Turner.
Mike Diver
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A Rare Event: Talking ‘Yooka-Laylee’ with the Team at Playtonic

We go behind the scenes of the Kickstarter record-breaker bringing platforming magic back to gaming.
Steve Haske
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Forget ‘Mario 64’, ‘Banjo-Kazooie' Is the 3D Platformer That Mattered Most

I'll see your plumbers and princesses, and raise you a bear and a bird.
Jonathan Beach