DJ Khaled Almost Gets Shook by Ray Liotta in a Nail Salon in a New Apple Music Ad

Also check out an ad where he gets smooched by Naomi Campbell.


Ecstasy Users, Don't Take These Pills

Following the death of a 17-year-old girl this weekend, police have warned that anyone who's taken a "MasterCard" pill should seek urgent medical attention.


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Ecstasy Purity Has Trebled in Some UK Cities

Survey reveals sharp rise in strength of pills renewing calls for public drugs testing scheme to warn clubbers.


An Alert for UK Drug Users: If You're Going Out This Weekend, Don't Take Pink 'Superman' Pills

Four deaths in the UK were attributed to them over Christmas and New Year's. When will the UK adopt a similar pill-testing scheme to the one in place in the Netherlands?


Fake Ecstasy, The Warehouse Project, And Why There Needs to Be A New Approach To Drugs

People have been dying from PMA disguised as MDMA and the government needs to do something about it.


How Can We Stop Ecstasy Killing People?

Eight recent deaths in Northern Ireland have been linked with the chemicals PMA/PMMA – or "Dr Death".