A Judge Ordered a Poacher to Repeatedly Watch ‘Bambi’

Court documents don't say exactly why the Missouri judge made the order but I'm pretty sure we can figure it out ourselves.


A Czech Zoo Is Cutting Off Its Rhinos' Horns to Protect Them from Poachers

The decision comes in the wake of a recent, brutal murder of a rhino at a zoo in Paris.


WATCH: 'Shoot to Kill'

Our new documentary investigating the Kenya Wildlife Service, which has a shoot to kill policy when it comes to poachers.


Why the French Can't Get Enough of This Illegal Bird

Hunters consider the ortolan the king of all wildfowl and great chefs call it the caviar of birds. But for 25 years, it's been at the centre of controversy.


I Fought African Militias to Protect Rhinos from Extinction

From the comfort of Sydney, I'd read how rhino horn was now worth more than gold or cocaine. That one fact transported me to African lion country, staking out poachers with an ancient rifle.


China Has Banned the Sale of Endangered Animals as Food

The Chinese government banned the production and sale of food made from state-protected wild animals last week, promising to update the list of what’s protected every five years as populations in the wild recover or take a dive.


Big Cat Sculptures Prowl to Preserve an Endangered Leopard

With only 60 left around the world, Amur leopards need all the help they can get. Lucky for them, they have a friend in artist Arran Gregory.


[Exclusive] Rolling with the Black Mambas

Photographer Julia Gunther spent a week with Africa's premiere all-female poacher fighters.


India Is Being Overtaken by Armies of Defiant Monkeys

From getting shitfaced on stolen whisky to attacking politicians and stealing files from government headquarters, India's monkeys have gone bananas. Only, it's not really a laughing matter.


Watch Our HBO Report on the Illicit Rhino-Horn Trade

In the latest episode of the second season of VICE, Thomas Morton heads to Syria to take a look at the front line of the battle for a Kurdish state, and Vikram Gandhi traces the illicit rhino-horn trade.


The Politics of Food: Cypriot Songbird Massacre

We travel to Cyprus to learn more about why the largest massacre of songbirds anywhere in the world is happening on British sovereign territory – and why poachers won't stop.