Police Shooting

3 days ago

Atatiana Jefferson Was Holding a Gun When She Was Shot by Cops in Her Own Home

A police officer has been charged with murder after shooting Jefferson through a window.


Fatal Police Shooting of Unarmed British Man Sparks Criticism from Officers

Following the killing of Sean Fitzgerald at the beginning of January, VICE spoke to current and former police officers about the police's use of firearms in the UK.


Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Man Offers Class on 'Surviving the Aftermath'

Officer Betty Shelby says her class is all about helping other cops who are "victimised by anti-police groups and tried in the court of public opinion".


Pizza Delivery Driver Shot 14 Times by Cops Gets $4.4 Million Settlement

An entire police force is changing its practices because of this shooting.


How a 13-Year-Old with a BB Gun Was Gunned Down by Police

American teenager Tyre King was chased by cops after a man told a 9-1-1 dispatcher he'd been robbed of ten bucks.


Alton Sterling Is the Latest Black Man Killed by Cops on Camera in America

The Baton Rouge man was shot while being restrained by the police outside a convenience store, sparking outrage and protests and leading to a US Department of Justice investigation.


Was the Black Lives Matter Shooter in Minnesota a 'Sovereign Citizen' Racist?

The 23-year-old charged with opening fire on a protest outside a Minneapolis police station last week reportedly subscribed to a number of racist and anti-government philosophies.


A Police Officer Has Been Shot in East London

He's been airlifted to hospital, but his injuries aren't thought to be life-threatening.


The Hangover News

Over the long weekend the Met shot a man in north London, George Osborne called Jeremy Corbyn a "threat" to national security and three journalists were sentenced to jail in Egypt.


The NYPD Shot a Man Who Was Allegedly Attacking People with a Hammer Yesterday

David Baril was shot in the head after he reportedly lunged at an officer who stopped him on the streets of Manhattan for questioning.


VICE Exclusive: Watch the Mother's Day Premiere of 'Happy Birthday Oscar Grant, Love Mom'

Six years after Oscar Grant's tragic death at the hands of the police in Oakland, filmmaker Mohammad Gorjestani visited Grant's family, friends, and others in the community as they celebrate his birthday.


When US Drug Raids Go Bad, Cops Die and Homeowners Get Sent to Prison

It's only natural to freak out when gunmen appear at your door at odd hours, and even if they announce themselves as police you might still be concerned enough to reach for your guns.