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3 days ago

The Fort Worth Cop Who Shot a Black Woman in Her Own Home Was Just Charged With Murder

Aaron Dean, who resigned on Monday, was released after posting £160,000 bail.

4 days ago

The Texas Cop Who Shot a Black Woman in Her Home Has Resigned

"Had the officer not resigned, I would have fired him," said Fort Worth Police Chief Edwin Kraus on Monday.


For Black Professionals, Secondhand Racism Is an Unending Stress

In the course of their work, black lawyers and journalists are forced to confront the ugliest examples of our nation's racial inequity.


My Struggle to Feel Empathy for Police

It's natural to get angry and even numb when it comes to police shootings, but we need to rise above those feelings.


Ben & Jerry's Agrees That Black Lives Matter and People Lost Their Shit

A scoop of Rocky Road by any other name would taste as sweet.


After a Police Shooting, One Father's Quest for Justice Sets a Precedent

After a cop killed his son, Nicholas Heyward Sr. became a mentor to the Black Lives Matter movement. His crusade may finally pay off.


We Asked Three Veteran Cops How to Reduce Police Shootings

Former cops offer ideas for how America can get its police shooting epidemic under control.


Can Free Ice Cream Make People Trust the Police More?

When the Boston Police Department started giving out free ice cream in 2010, it was viewed as an innovative community policing tool. But not everyone agrees that it's working.


I’m a Cop Whose Body-Cam Footage of a Shooting Went Viral

He came at me with a knife, screaming "Kill me" and "I'm going to kill you." I pulled my gun, and will never forget the following three minutes and 20-odd seconds.


The Strange Relationship Between Politics, Prosecutors, and Police Shootings

The United States is alone in the world in electing its prosecutors, but how should officials handle the rage and resentment that boils over when police kill unarmed minorities?


Will the Press Force the Government to Finally Count the Number of Police Killings in America?

Media organisations like the Washington Post and the Guardian are trying to answer what should be a simple question: How many people are killed by the cops?


The Wisconsin Cop Who Shot an Unarmed Biracial Man in March Won't Be Charged

The officer who killed Tony Robinson was cleared of wrongdoing by the local district attorney.