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I Was Tortured into Giving a False Confession to Chicago Police

"I never knew about cops setting people up until it happened to me."
Nicholas Cannariato
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A Woman Called the Cops on a Black 11-Year-Old for Delivering Newspapers

It was the first day of his paper route.
River Donaghey
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A White Guy Called the Cops on a Black Woman for Using Her Own Damn Pool

Jasmine Edwards called the incident "a classic case of racial profiling."
Lauren Messman
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Toronto Cops in Big Trouble for Eating Weed Edibles, Calling Backup on Themselves

Constables Jamie Young and Vittorio Dominelli couldn’t handle their stolen chocolate hazelnut edibles, police allege.
Mack Lamoureux

How the Rashan Charles Killing Inquest 'Descended Into Farce'

The ruling that Charles' death was "accidental" will add to concerns that the police act with impunity.
Leah Cowan

Nimbin Is No Longer Australia’s Weed Capital

With dozens of drug arrests in the last year alone, the town has become a pretty bad place to get high.
Julian Morgans
Marty Smiley

Soldier Gets DUI After Taking Cops on Insane Chase in Armoured Vehicle

Police say the guy was under the influence of drugs when he took the tank-like monstrosity for a 60-mile joyride through Richmond, Virginia.
Drew Schwartz
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Germaine Greer Suggests Rapists Get Community Service Over Prison Time

She also referred to rape as simply "bad sex".
Wendy Syfret

This Insane Senior Prank Was So Good Even the Principal Admitted It Ruled

The cops called it "one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen."
Drew Schwartz
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'Cold-Blooded Killer' Grandma Accused of Murdering Her Husband and Doppelgänger

Police are on a nationwide manhunt for the "armed and dangerous" 56-year-old.
Drew Schwartz
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How State Racism Helped Create a Knife Crime Epidemic

Anti-racism campaigner Stafford Scott told VICE, "Our kids are bearing the brunt of institutional racism and ultimately paying with their lives."
Simon Childs
Nana Baah
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T.J. Miller Got Drunk and Called in a Fake Bomb Threat, Feds Say

Investigators say he was "motivated by a grudge" against a female passenger he'd been arguing with on an Amtrak train.
Drew Schwartz