We Made Some Merchandise for the Met Police

The Met announced they'll be licensing their logo for a new line of merch, but we simply couldn't wait to see what they'll come up with – so we've served up a few looks ourselves.
Simon Childs
true crime

These Dirty Cops Framed Random Black People to Pad Crime Stats

"What happened here is so horrific, it strikes at the core of injustice."
Francisco Alvarado
Views My Own

Harsher Drug Policing Will Not Stop Knife Crime

David Lammy MP is one of many who has suggested that a tougher approach to drug law would reduce knife crime
Niamh Eastwood

Why the Police Started Doing 'Banter' on Twitter

Watch out irony bros, there's a new bunch of social media gag hags, and they can arrest you for looking at them funny
Marcus Raymond

It’s Not Just Westminster Where Freemasons Still Have Influence

For half a century, police forces in Britain have been accused of being swayed by the secret society.
Nick Chester

Too Much Drug Policing Is Just Symbolic Bullshit

Drug enforcement is more about PR than results.
Max Daly

Drug Policy and the Fight for Black Lives

Drug policy continues to be used as a means of social and racial control​, fracturing black communities and maintaining the economic and societal dominance of white people.
Camille Barton and Imani Robinson

VICE EXCLUSIVE: Met Police Will No Longer Prevent the Swallowing of Drug Packages

Following the deaths of Rashan Charles and Edson Da Costa, Met police officers have been issued new advice: to not try to prevent suspects from swallowing wraps.
Max Daly
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VICE Reporters Got Caught Up in Colombian Police Gunfire This Weekend

The government has apologised for the attack on international observers and journalists and put more than 100 National Police in the area on modified duty.
Tania Tapia and Santiago Valenzuela

The Age of the ASBO: How Britain Became a Police State

What started as a Tony Blair buzz phrase has led to hundreds of children being imprisoned for things that aren't even crimes.
Mark Wilding

The Officer Being Investigated Over Rashan Charles' Death Has History On His Side

The policeman is being investigated for "gross misconduct", but history shows us this kind of thing rarely leads to any serious action.
Leah Cowan
Notting HIll Carnival

Here's a List of Festivals That Have More Crime Than Carnival

Carnival has a much lower proportion of arrests than V Festival, Glastonbury or even Latitude - so why do the police single it out as a danger to the public?
Patrick Heardman