This Week in Science

This Is Why You Can't Tickle Yourself

"It actually feels better when someone else is touching you."
Shayla Love
We Reviewed Literally Whatever You Sent Us

We Reviewed Literally Whatever You Sent Us, Volume 24

Everyone has way too much time on their hands.
Colin Joyce
Dessie Jackson
Eric Sundermann
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Government to Burning Man Ravers: Please Poop in Bags Now

The Bureau of Land Management has suggested Burners use more "pee bottles" and "poop bags" this year.
River Donaghey

What Your Poo Looks Like Can Reveal a Lot About Your Health

Scientists developed a seven-point scale called the Bristol Stool Chart.
Trevor Lockett
New music

Eminem Promises to Take "an Ax to Mumble Rap" on New Royce Da 5'9" Single

On his scatological "Caterpillar" verse, Marshall Mathers insists that "The boom bap is coming back." Also: "Poop is my suit."
Alex Robert Ross
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Here's Even More Evidence That Hand Dryers Are Pretty Disgusting

A new study found that they're actually blowing bacteria onto your hands. Gross!
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Guy Allegedly Swallowed Drugs and Spent 47 Days in Jail Without Pooping

Police dropped the charges against the 24-year-old after his attorneys said he was at "risk of death".
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The 'Mad Pooper' Is Terrorising a Town with Her Turds

A female jogger is dropping deuces all over her neighborhood, and no one knows why.
River Donaghey
brief histories

A Brief History of Artists Rapping About Poop

A lot of rappers talk about "dropping shit," but not all of them mean it literally. Join us as we analyse the ones who do, from Big Boi to Biggie.
Phillip Mlynar
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask Someone with a Colostomy Bag

"I’ve never farted."
Kristian Nielsen
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Unknown Visitors Are Reportedly Masturbating and Shitting on the Floor of a Church in Sweden

One person even attempted to snatch a baby from the mother during a christening, SVT reports.
Caisa Ederyd

I Went in Search of the 'Brown Note', the Frequency That Makes You Shit Yourself

The brown note has been referenced in popular culture for decades, but does it actually exist, and can sound really cause instant human diarrhoea?
Jack Cummings