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Inside the 'Rick and Morty' Pop-Up Bar That Shut Down After One Night

Grand opening? Grand closing.
Beckett Mufson

Welcome to the World’s Least Likely Palestinian Restaurant

What the Fattoush? is run by two non-Arabs out of a bar in East London. But its dishes—and commitment to Palestinian causes—are genuine.
Dalia Dawood

This Pop-Up Proves That Chinese Takeaways Don't Need Meat to Be Delicious

Forget luminous sweet-and-sour chicken and bland chow mein, Phung Kay Vegan is revolutionising British Chinese food.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

This Artist Broke Silly Laws in 50 States and Photographed Them

Now, Olivia Locher has turned her studio window into a guerrilla gallery featuring a new photo every day for ten days.
Kara Weisenstein
pop up

Lego Has Disavowed a New Pop-Up Bar Made of Legos

What was once known as Legobar has since changed its name to ‘thebrickbars’.
Mayukh Sen

HIV-Positive Chefs Team Up to End Stigma

A recent survey suggests half of Canadians wouldn't eat food prepared by a HIV-positive individual. June's Eatery wants to change that.
Mayukh Sen
Caribbean food

Starting a Caribbean Restaurant with My Parents Turned Out to Be the Best Idea

"They’re continually really supportive of everything I do and have so much faith in it that I wouldn’t want to do it without them now."
Marie Mitchell

These Black Bagels Are the Anti-Rainbow Bagel

London pop-up Little Ghost Bagels makes its gothic-looking bagels by adding small amounts of charcoal to the dough mix. And with Asian-inspired fillings, these dark bagels are far tastier than their Instagram-friendly counterparts.
Daisy Meager
Chinese food

Meet the Woman Who Is Redefining Modern Sichuanese Cuisine

What's wrong with mapo ragu? At Jenny Gao's pop-up supper club Fly by Jing, Sichuan tradition blends with influences from all over China and the globe.
Clarissa Wei

This Mobile Bakery Is Popping Up at Tokyo's All-Night Dance Floors

Nachopan is a one-woman pop-up bakery, and flyers for parties at Tokyo clubs list her food alongside the names of headlining DJs.
Jessica Thompson
food waste

New York’s Biggest Food Waste Chef Is Bringing Pulp Burgers to London

We spoke to chef and food waste campaigner Dan Barber about wastED, his new London pop-up that serves dishes made with produce that would have otherwise been chucked.
Daisy Meager
50 states of art

From Brunch to Bike Jousting, This Chicago Gallery Does Whatever it Takes to Sell Art | #50StatesofArt

Opened by two art school grads, TCC Chicago is a gallery and art store focused on up-and-coming creators.
Nathaniel Ainley