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Tweets of Our Time: That New One from The Pope

Pontifex, our Holy Memelord.


Catholic Priests Keep Saying They Forgot About Sex Abuse

They seem to be the only people who cannot keep track of this crisis.


What Would Happen if Roman Catholic Priests Were Allowed to Have Sex

Probably more priests. But with the Church under scrutiny over sex scandals across the planet, it might happen sooner than you think.


Why Pope Francis Needs to Embrace the Entire LGBTQ Community

Francis' reign has been marked by contradictions in approach toward queer clergy. And while he's been progressive, comments made last week against his trans flock are a blow to all queer Christians.


One Priest's Plan to Queer the Catholic Church

It involves a lot of patience, open hearts, and faith—things neither church officials nor the LGBTQ Catholic community seem to have much of these days.


A Visit to the Pope Francis Laundrette

The pontiff's passion for helping the poor has inspired a new service for the homeless in Rome.


Ranking Everyone in This Photo by How Happy They Are to Be There

The Trumps took a trip to the Vatican and took a very good photo.


Pope Francis Warns that Texting at the Dinner Table Will Cause Wars

Pope Francis is on a crusade to preserve one of the last bastions of “togetherness and solidarity” in our depraved world, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to let emojis and right swipes get in the way of a good meal.


How to Be Gay in the Catholic Church

"Jesus said to love my neighbor, and I can’t help that Grindr says the nearest one is 264 feet away."


Wes Anderson Directed a New Commercial and It's Super Cute: Last Week in Art

Also, Kanye West’s childhood home is being turned into a Arts Center for disadvantaged youth.


How the Philippines' New Abortion Law Represents the Global Struggle of the Catholic Church

Filming 'Year of Mercy', our new documentary about the Philippines' underground abortion trade, it became increasingly clear that Catholicism is at a crossroads.