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Sports Bra's New Power Pop Gem "Survival" Is an Ode to Trans Rights

The first single from the Sydney band's second album is a statement to the world that trans people won't be erased.


Tony Molina’s New Album Is a Low-Key Ripper, Like the Man Himself

‘Kill the Lights’ finds the Bay Area songwriter further indulging his love for rich, harmony-laden guitar pop songs. It's basically perfect, but not on purpose.


Sick Things Rock Out and Embrace the Mythology of Power-Pop in "Sick Thing"

The Montreal rock and rollers have a video and song for the kid in all of us, so we talked to them about 'Almost Famous' and watching Quebecois men flying on jetpacks.


MUNA's "In My Way" Is Your New Love Song to Your Best Friend

We're premiering the band's first new song and video since their debut album 'About You' dropped in February.


Partner's Shredding Power-Pop Will Be Your "Ambassador To Ecstasy"

We talk to "Atlantic Canada's Best Lesbian Garage Band” about first dates and their debut album In 'Search of Lost Time.'


Hear a Song from the New Pornographers' New Album and Read Our Interview With Carl Newman

The group's seventh full length album, 'Whiteout Conditions,' is out April 7.


Get Savvy to Savak, Punks for Life

The supergroup of DC hardcore scene vets shares their new video for "Alive in Shadows," and vocalist Sohrab Habibion discusses why he's still punk after all these years.


Danish Power Pop Trio Molly’s New Video is a Testament to Not Giving A Damn

Their Vitamin D-filled new single “Sunshine Seems Important” sees your life’s problems and raises you zero fucks.


Premiere: Personal Best - “The Mission / If You Meet Someone In Love (Wish Them Well)”

This Bristol power-pop trio have struck the perfect balance of righteous riffs and melodic hooks, harking back to the glory days of 90s college rock.