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The Trump Administration Just Rolled Back Obama's Historic Climate Change Plan

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan has been replaced by a new rule that sucks up to fossil fuels.
Sarah Emerson

Eric Andre Isn’t as Confident as You Think He Is

With 'The Eric Andre Show’ making its Canadian debut, we spoke to Eric about the relationship between fear and comedy.
Noel Ransome
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Watch VICE's Emmy-Nominated Documentaries for Free Online Now

All four of our nominated shows from 'VICE' on HBO and VICELAND will be available for free until August 29.
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A Lawyer for Chelsea Manning Explains What's Next After Her Life-Saving Commutation

Chase Strangio, an ACLU attorney who has worked for years to secure Chelsea's access to gender-affirming treatments and measures while imprisoned, tells us what last Tuesday's news meant for him, for her, and what's next.
Tyler Trykowski
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Read Obama's Thank You Note to America

"You made me a better President, and you made me a better man."
Lauren Messman

Chicago ​Cubs Give Obama Lifetime Ticket to Wrigley Field, Say He's Not Allowed to Sell It

There will be no personal profiteering from being president. There's no way such a conflict-of-interest-free situation would work with Trump, of course.
Dave Brown
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LIVE: President Obama Welcomes Donald Trump to the White House

You can watch the whole awkward affair live and imagine what the future will be like when Trump gets ahold of the POTUS Twitter account, along with the nuclear codes.
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LIVE: President Obama Addresses the Future of America

The president is scheduled to speak to America following Hillary Clinton's concession speech.
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Frank Ocean Went For Dinner At the White House, Took His Mum and Wore Checkerboard Vans

Obama's final state dinner marked the end of an era.
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Leonardo DiCaprio Says He Wants to Move to Mars with Elon Musk

It's not clear if the actor was truly serious about leaving our little rock behind, but a 'Revenant' reboot filmed on the barren space tundra would be pretty sweet.
Lauren Messman

Obama Has Debunked That Weird Rumor About His Almond-Eating Habits

Turns out Obama admitted he is disciplined in his eating habits, but not to the point of counting out seven lightly salted almonds as a nightly snack.
Alex Swerdloff

Watch Inmates React to Our HBO Special Report, 'Fixing the System'

After finishing our special report on America's broken criminal justice system, we travelled back to Oklahoma's Federal Correction Institution, El Reno, to screen the documentary for inmates and staff.
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