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South Korea Is Lifting Its 66-Year-Old Ban on Abortions

In a landmark ruling, a South Korean court has ordered lawmakers to revise the ban by the end of 2020.
Mustika Hapsoro

It’s Still Shockingly Hard to Get an Abortion in Much of America

The new documentary 'Abortion: Stories Women Tell' shows the difficulties involved in getting an abortion in America.
Jenni Miller

Women's Rights Activists Heckled an Anti-Abortion Rally in Glasgow Last Night

The religious right is picking a fight as powers over abortion are handed back to the Scottish Parliament.
Liam Turbett
The Prison Issue

How Personhood Laws Can Land Women in Court for Crimes Against Their Own Fetuses

Anti-abortion measures are putting women at risk of being charged with crimes against their fetuses, and rogue prosecutors can use their wide discretion to prosecute mothers with crimes beyond feticide or child abuse.
Kristen Gwynne

Actually, Republicans Are Losing the War on Planned Parenthood

Despite months of attacks against the women's reproductive health giant, Republicans haven't actually accomplished much.
Mike Pearl
The Pussy Riot Column

Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova on the Fight for Abortion Rights in Russia

The country's social conservatives say abortion must be abolished to increase the birth rate, but really they want to take control of women's basic biological functions.
Nadya Tolokonnikova
VICE Canada Reports

Abortion Access in the Maritimes

We investigate abortion access in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, two Canadian provinces with restricted access to abortions and conservative political climates.
VICE Staff

I Went to a Bizarre Conference on How Abortion Affects Men

If you know a guy who recently bought a sports car, or is gay, it might be because their partner had an abortion, according to Alliance for Life Ontario.
Rachel Browne

Even If 'Gendercide' Is a Major Issue, Is Criminalising Women and Doctors Really the Answer?

Today, a proposed amendment to the Serious Crime Bill would make performing an abortion on grounds of sex selection a crime, but the whole debate feels like a veneer for an attack on women's reproductive rights.
Charlotte England

Irish Feminists Playing Politics Voted to Stop Women Aborting Dead Babies

A bill to allow women carrying foetuses with fatal abnormalities to get abortions was shot down by the Irish parliament. Many of those voting against it were so-called feminists.
Norma Costello

14 Important Battles Won by Women in 2014

What? You thought the last 12 months was just a plague of misogynist arseholes? Think again.
Eleanor Morgan

This Pregnant Londoner Just Bodied a Load of Pro-Life Protesters

They were harassing visitors to an abortion clinic.
Joel Golby